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Steel C 15 E

SizeABCEFGHΛ˧Max tightening torqueWeight
W.L.L.45° WLL90° WLL
SIMILAR TO DIN M 62036208,5810369055383,50,050
M 62036208,5810367555383,50,050
M 82036208,5810361401007080,050
M 1025452510101245230170115160,090
M 1230543011121453340240170280,160
SIMILAR TO DIN M 1430543011121453500240170450,150
M 1435633513141662490350245450,240
M 1635633513141662700500350700,240
SIMILAR TO DIN M 1835633513141662930500350950,380
M 1840724016161971850600425950,370
M 204072401616197112008606001350,360
SIMILAR TO DIN M 224072401616197115008606001820,350
M 2250905020202490140010007001820,730
M 2450905020202490180012909002300,720
SIMILAR TO DIN M 2754986222222699250012909003430,800
M 2760108652524281092100150010503431,340
M 3060108652524281093200230016004651,320
SIMILAR TO DIN M 3360108652524281094200230016006321,270
M 3370126753028321283200230016006322,110
M 3670126753028321284600330023008142,080
SIMILAR TO DIN M 39801448535323814760003300230010593,150
M 39801448535323814746003300230010593,150
M 42801448535323814763004500315013043,110
SIMILAR TO DIN M 459016610040384616878004500315016385,080
M 459016610040384616863004500315016385,080
M 489016610040384616886006100430019815,020
SIMILAR TO DIN M 5210018411045425018799006100430025406,790
M 5210018411045425018786006100430025406,790
M 56 100184110454250187115008200575030006,690
M 60110206120504858208115008200575030009,430
M 641102061205048582081600011000800047369,300
M 72140260150606072260200001400010000691318,500
M 80160296170706880298280002000014000962527,300
M 1001803301908075883304000029000200001961336,400


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