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A history scribed in metal

For over half a century the history of CARCANO has been intertwined with that of metal forging: a family tradition which is still, even today, our company’s business card throughout the world.


Hot steel forging plant

At the end of the 1950s, Giuseppe Carcano with his wife Ebe Barri and sister Franca Carcano, transformed the family’s mechanical workshop into a hot steel forging plant, thus opening the way to new markets. Stamperia Carcano was established.


Technological innovations

The introduction of significant technological advances led to considerable improvements in quality which took the company on its way to new foreign markets.


Growth and exports

The 1980s heralded a roaring success of the company in terms of sales growth. Exports grew significantly due, above all, to the extended range of products together with the definitive success of the CARCANO brand, an identifier of quality that the markets learnt to acknowledge


A successful enterprise

At the end of the 1990s, CARCANO was one of the leading European frontrunners in the industry. The products were widely acclaimed by highly-satisfied customers on account of their high quality, resistance and durability.


The CARTEC brand

March 2007 saw the launch of the CARTEC range. CARTEC asserted itself over the following years as a distinctive brand with growing recognition.



The historic range of accessories for cables and chains acquired an aspect of its own. Alongside its already well-known CARTEC brand, CARCANO presented CARFER, another step along the road to renewing the image that the company has undertaken in recent years.

In 2018 CARCANO acquired Strops srl, the historic manufacturer of lifting slings and anchoring systems and thus incorporated the STROPS brand.



Always looking straight ahead

Playing today’s game with the ability to look to the future, understanding the market’s needs in advance, proposing products and services that provide ever better quality, resistance and performance: these are the philosophies that CARCANO adopts. New projects, new ideas, new sectors and new challenges: this is the air that CARCANO breathes every day.

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