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Railway and power lines

Research, design and production

CARCANO manufactures on an industrial scale accessories linked to various business areas, including the important area of railway and electricity lines: relentless research in the sector, in-house design and direct production ensure that our customers can enjoy quality, precision and reliability.


Section insulators

Our ongoing development has also allowed us to achieve technical suitability for the manufacture of 3kV section insulators for RFI.


Composite insulators

Thanks to a partnership established with an important and qualified European company that manufactures insulators, we are now in a position to meet customer requirements also as regards the part relating to crossarm insulators, tension insulators and high voltage insulators.


Components in steel, CuNiSi, aluminium

Pole connectors, tensioners, automatic adjustment accessories, suspension components, hangers, equipotential connections, wire joiners, contact jaws, earthing and suspension clamps, terminals, and a series of other forged accessories made of steel, CuNiSi and aluminium.


Clamps in copper, steel, aluminium

Grips and clamps in copper alloy or aluminium alloy made by shell casting and clamps made of steel by forging or machining, including anchoring clamps self-tighteners for all types of conductors used in electric overhead contact lines. 


From individual pieces to finished assembled components

For the railway sector, CARCANO has a wide range of products from single pieces to finished assembled components, 25kV triangular suspensions and RFI 3kV suspensions with horizontal aluminium crossarm and RFI type-approval.


Tensioning pulley devices

Thanks to the system of in-line pulleys, it is possible to achieve a multiplication ratio of counterweights/line draw of 1 to 5. Available in the 5-pulley version for mounting on a pole, and in the 4-pulley version for mounting on a gantry.


Pole kits, line, station and tension gantries

Production and assembly of poles marked in line with EN regulations, from LSU 14 to LSU 28 in height and also 12 metres, complete with all accessories. Production and assembly of gantries for lines and stations and tensions up to a height of 10 metres and a width of 28 metres, marked in line with EN regulations and complete with all accessories.


Light and medium-weight metal structural work

Carcano’s production covers the whole range of light and medium carpentry products, for all types of applications: attachments to the pole of all kinds, steady arms, pole attachments, accessories for automatic pulley regulation, supports for winches and motors, and everything concerns the overhead contact lines components.


Overhead lines for energy distribution and clamps for electricity substations

CARCANO produces all types of detailed items for catenaries on medium and high voltage systems from 24 to 400 kV and the entire clamping for substations; particular attention is directed to systems for protecting high-voltage lines against voltage and current overloads. 

The use of slings in lifting operations

CARTEC Safety Academy: a school for safe lifting

LEEA Certification for quality and safety in lifting

Technology and research for lifting systems

The most sustainable environmental impact is one that avoids being produced

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