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ChainChainCode(with flat)Size according to EN 1677-4Size according to EN 1677-4Size according to EN 1677-4Size according to EN 1677-4WeightW.L.L.W.L.L.
Ø mmØ mmmmmmmmmm0°/Kg0°-45°/Kg
76CM 0706CMS 070613110608x250,3415001600
87CM 0807CMS 080716110608x250,5320002120
108CM 1008CMS 100818135758x350,91531502800
1310CM 1310CMS 1310221609011,5x351,653004250
1613CM 1613CMS 16132618010014x462,4680007500
1816CM 1816CMS 18163220011018x464,141000011200
2018CM 2018362601406,221250014000
2220CM 2220403001608,951500017000
2622CM 26224534018012,822120021200
3226CM 32265135019016,553150030000
3632CM 36325740020027,014000045000
4036CM 40366043022027,015000056000


True quality is certified quality: this is the reason for the H92 mark

For over 50 years, production based on the philosophy of respect

Full tracking starts with the individual casting

The core of Carcano production: automated systems for hot forging

Total quality objective: control, attention and passion for top-range products

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