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61/4CF 06888,8222251,57,5x17,50,201120
7-89/32-5/16CF 08109103024509x22,50,272000
103/8CF 1013131444317213x31,50,753150
131/2CF 1317171753388816x421,355300
165/8CF 16202120646011121x51,52,88000
203/4CF 20242424856513024x61,54,812500
227/8CF 22262626876813926x725,6515000
261CF 2630,5303510090190,530x8013,521200


True quality is certified quality: this is the reason for the H92 mark

For over 50 years, production based on the philosophy of respect

Full tracking starts with the individual casting

The core of Carcano production: automated systems for hot forging

Total quality objective: control, attention and passion for top-range products

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