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C807X H.T. UNC


Code without keyCode with keySizeWLLABCDEFKLCHWeight

C807XHT08UC807XCHT08U5/16” - 180,335119252530471260,12
C807XHT10UC807XCHT10U3/8” - 160,435119252530471660,12
C807XHT12UC807XCHT12U1/2” - 130,754312,511,5303036,555,51870,2
C807XHT16UC807XCHT16U5/8” - 111,549,514,515,7353541,864,52480,35
C807XHT20UC807XCHT20U3/4” - 102,3581618404251,574,530100,6
C807XHT22UC807XCHT22U7/8” - 92,3581618404251,574,530100,6
C807XHT24UC807XCHT24U1” - 83,26920,5224950589036121
C807XHT30UC807XCHT30U1 1/4” - 74,58625,52860667311143172
C807XHT36UC807XCHT36U1 1/2” - 671073232747596,513554223,4
C807XHT42UC807XCHT42U1 3/4” - 591203840,5828511015864245,7
C807XHT48UC807XCHT48U2” - 4,512139434495100124,517972278,5


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