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CodeBxCCapacity WLLAIWhhHH
GC 500-300300x6050022540050100520
GC 500-500500x7050037540050100520
GC 500-750750x7550056540050100520
GC 500-10001000x8050075040050100520
GC 1000-300300x75100022545055120600
GC 1000-500500x80100037545055120600
GC 1000-750750x100100056545055120600
GC 1000-10001000x110100075045055120600
GC 2500-300300x90250022550075150680
GC 2500-500500x110250037550075150680
GC 2500-750750x135250056550075150680
GC 2500-10001000x140250075050075150680
GC 5000-750750x160500056555090190780
GC 5000-10001000x180500075055090190780
GC 5000-12501250x200500094055090190780
GC 5000-15001500x2205000112555090190780
GC 7500-750750x2007500565550110230830
GC 7500-10001000x2307500750550110230830
GC 7500-12501250x2307500940550110230830
GC 7500-15001500x25075001125550110230830
GC 10000-750750x23010000565600120250910
GC 10000-10001000x23010000750600120250910
GC 10000-12501250x27010000940600120250910
GC 10000-15001500x290100001125600120250910


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The world of lifting systems and devices for personal protection and safety is a world that is always developing: here’s our contribution to keep you up-to-date at all times.