61/4CPAX 067,53218329,8117,5x210,151400
79/32CPAX 079,5402442,512159x260,281900
85/16CPAX 089,5402442,5121510x260,282500
103/8CPAX 1012483051,515,71813x31,50,54000
131/2CPAX 1315,5543663,51921,516x420,96700
165/8CPAX 1618704779,522,727,521x51,51,810000


The birth of CARTEC lifting systems: production and testing

Cartec Safety Academy: a year of safety online

CARCANO: for over half a century, a history scribed in metal

We know how to become invisible: black accessories for stage sets and parks

Immediate delivery: from our warehouse to the customer in 24h

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The world of lifting systems and devices for personal protection and safety is a world that is always developing: here’s our contribution to keep you up-to-date at all times.