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KetteKetteCode(mit Flachstelle)Maß-Tabelle nach EN 1677-4Maß-Tabelle nach EN 1677-4Maß-Tabelle nach EN 1677-4Maß-Tabelle nach EN 1677-4GewichtW.L.L.
Ø mmØ mmmmmmmmmmKgKg
87CN 0807CNS 080714120708x250,442700
108CN 1008CNS 100816140808x250,673500
1310CN 1310CNS 1310201609511,5x351,25500
1613CN 1613CNS 16132719011014x452,659400
2016CN 2016CNS 20163323013018x454,814200
2220CN 2220382751507,5522300
2622CN 26224534018012,833500
3226CN 32265035019016,540800
3632CN 3632604002002756800


The use of slings in lifting operations

CARTEC Safety Academy: a school for safe lifting

LEEA Certification for quality and safety in lifting

Technology and research for lifting systems

The most sustainable environmental impact is one that avoids being produced

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