KetteKetteCodeMaß-Tabelle nach DIN 5688-86Maß-Tabelle nach DIN 5688-86Maß-Tabelle nach DIN 5688-86 secondo DIN 5688-86 GewichtW.L.LW.L.L
Ø mm Ø mmmmmmmmKgꓕ 0°/KgΛ 0°45°/Kg
76CMX 070613110600,341900200
87CMX 080716110600,5325002650
108CMX 100818135750,8040003550
1310CMX 131022160901,6067005600
1613CMX 1613261801002,46100009500
1816CMX 1816322001104,141250014000
2018CMX 2018362601406,221600017500
2220CMX 2220403001608,951900022400
2622CMX 26224534018012,822650026500
3226CMX 32265135019016,554000037100
3632CMX 363257400200205000056000


The birth of CARTEC lifting systems: production and testing

Cartec Safety Academy: a year of safety online

CARCANO: for over half a century, a history scribed in metal

We know how to become invisible: black accessories for stage sets and parks

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The world of lifting systems and devices for personal protection and safety is a world that is always developing: here’s our contribution to keep you up-to-date at all times.