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61/4CY 0653,511,5222615102,50,611120
7-89/32-5/16CY 086213,52529241280,922000
103/8CY 1076142330321501,773150
131/2CY 1389193840271732,825300
165/8CY 16102244548472105,038000
203/4CY 20114285460562607,612500
227/8CY 221273263705527512,315000
261CY 261363572806230517,921200
321 1/4CY 321533884957033027,331500


The use of slings in lifting operations

CARTEC Safety Academy: a school for safe lifting

LEEA Certification for quality and safety in lifting

Technology and research for lifting systems

The most sustainable environmental impact is one that avoids being produced

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The world of lifting systems and devices for personal protection and safety is a world that is always developing: here’s our contribution to keep you up-to-date at all times.