61/4CLX 061418184587,50,071400
79/32CLX 0717,82020,550,510,290,141900
85/16CLX 081925,523,56211,5100,22500
103/8CLX 1023,83027,57212,612,60,354000
131/2CLX 13283633,387,31916,70,746700
165/8CLX 1634,340,539,510520,620,61,1610000
203/4CLX 2042464611329252,516000
227/8CLX 2249555813330283,119000
261CLX 2657857019240306,826500
321 1/4CLX 328084,594,1206473511,540000


The birth of CARTEC lifting systems: production and testing

Cartec Safety Academy: a year of safety online

CARCANO: for over half a century, a history scribed in metal

We know how to become invisible: black accessories for stage sets and parks

Immediate delivery: from our warehouse to the customer in 24h

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The world of lifting systems and devices for personal protection and safety is a world that is always developing: here’s our contribution to keep you up-to-date at all times.