M 5816404591400,010
M 61018504742250,015
M 81121525804100,030
M 101427606,5976500,050
M 1217336781069300,090
M 141835838,512613300,130
M 162349971316017700,280
M 1825531121417822000,360
M 2025531161419027000,380
M 2230621201620033000,570
M 2434681251721039200,710
M 27347115018,523649501,050
M 3039811502124262501,100
M 3339811502124275601,300
M 36491051502827691002,050
M 394910516528276106002,380
M 425513518040320125004,800
M 455513518040322144005,050
M 485513518040322165005,200
M 505513518040322181005,870


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