Having a strong identity as producer, Stamperia Carcano spa follows its marketing strategy by developing target product lines for the different commercial sectors, from heavy industry for movement of heavy products up to transport logistics systems with containers include the Carcano Technology key plays in lifting dynamics. The well known qualities of high resistance, reliability and durability of the Cartec product are the result of a working method marked with professionalism and skills for use of raw materials of certified quality, rigorous quality controls along the entire production line to create products having the highest level of efficiency.



There is a world of applications for lifting products in every sector: from heavy industry to oil and gas to land and sea transportation. Without proper instruments, these activities would not be possible. It is a challenge to be won against gravity —- in these fields, the laws of physics cannot be ignored. Force, reliability, control, safety, these are the essential requisites for high performance dynamics over time.