The choice of raw materials used in creating CARTEC products is based on rigid certification attesting quality. Steel alloys used for cold pressing must resist breaking load and must not contain certain impurities or elements generated during thermodynamic metallurgical processes. Various tests are carried out to ensure that material used is suitable.


Stamperia Carcano spa has always upheld the motto “lifting securely” by way of safeguarding the safety of operators; all safety components destined for lifting operation contain identification codes which at any given moment make it possible to go back to the production cycle of each single part even after commissioning. Upon request, the IT system archives and furnishes the traceability of all products involved in the production chain, including raw materials used, the test results until packaging of final product including certified documentation supplied for each component. It is essential for our clients to provide an after sales service will allows us to supply all information on products purchased.


Measuring and monitoring is a consolidated process operated by skilled staff; together with the production process, it constitutes the backbone of Stamperia Carcano spa. The high-level quality standards reached and acknowledged by our clients all over the world have not detracted from this process to innovation that characterizes our strategy and which is applied all round to all company processes. To guarantee a process which aims for total quality of all the separate phases constantly monitored, from acceptance of raw material on entry until final packaging of single products ready for delivery to clients.


A state of the art testing room with the best and most innovative technologies are evidence of the Stamperia Carcano spa full commitment to continue to improve and redesign a new concept of total quality. Tensile machines up to 250 tons, spectrometric and x-ray analysis, resistance tests at low temperatures, fatigue tests, magnetoscopic testing are some of the examples of tests carried out in our laboratories to certify and warrant our products.


Products are stored using modern automated systems, which are furnished with a personalized lifting and piling system.

The department is highly efficient, and makes optimal use of space and performance. This system ensures certainty in delivery times. Automation makes it possible to gain rapid and precise excess to storage areas while products are constantly monitored via terminals. Large lifts move horizontally and vertically along the piles which makes access to shelves easier. A “just in time” system has allowed reduction of time in regrouping ordering reducing error margins up to 1%.


Stamperia Carcano spa has been the first Italian company whose hot forging process for use to create lifting accessories was certified by the German certification authority DGUV; such certification acknowledged at an international level certifies the reliability of the processes and products offered to the market. The quality control system, certified for over twenty years, was extended to all activities which could affect safety at work and the environment in a more modern concept of integrated management systems which a company of international repute must guarantee. The completion of this innovation process and the implementation of the organisation model 231 with which to divulge the code of ethics, which has characterized the first 55 years of activity even to our clients and suppliers.
Quality and Certification – Stamperia Carcano spa’s quality certification was made pursuant to EN ISO 9001 regulations with reference to 1995 and as from 2014 has DNV certification. In 1997 Stamperia Carcano spa also obtained homologation of the German «BG- PRÜFZERT PZNM – EISEN METALL I » with certification of the mark«H92» for production of 80/100 grade accessories pursuant to regulations EN818 and EN1677.