End of the 1950s

Giuseppe Carcano Giuseppe SPA, the co-founder of Stamperia Carcano, with his wife Ebe and sister Franca converted the family’s mechanical workshop to a hot steel moulding plant, thus opening the path to new markets.

The 1970s

The introduction in the 1970s of great technological innovations, such as fast presses for moulding and specific systems for mechanical processing, led to a significant rise in quality, taking the company towards the new foreign markets.

The 1980s

In these years the company recorded an exciting growth in terms of sales. Exports grew significantly, due especially to the expansion of the product range, coupled with the definitive confirmation of the Stamperia Carcano Giuseppe SPA brand as a quality element recognised by the markets.

In the new millennium

At the end of the 1990s Stamperia Carcano was one of the leading European competitors in the industry. The products were popular with customers for their high quality, resistance and duration.

March 2007

The new CARTEC – Carcano Technology brand is created, which asserted itself as an identified and distinctive Brand in the following years.

Simonetta and Luca Carcano have led the family company for a long time in the most authentic Made in Italy tradition and in the sign of technological innovation. Together they aim to reach important targets following a production philosophy, which strategic goal is to increase the value of the products through a continuous improvement of quality and competitiveness. The client and their demands and expectations are the centre of the industrial project of Carcano.

Simonetta Carcano

Creativity, innovation, enthusiasm and ability to face today challenges; these are the Carcano Group characteristics starting from the CEO Simonetta Carcano’s business philosophy. In the “lifting devices” world beyond numbers there are technological innovations, the Made in Italy creativity, the ability to be distinctive and proactive, established company marketing relations to overtake the static relation company/customer so to reach a higher and satisfying idea of customer seen today as a company partner. Partnership = Leadership

Luca Carcano

Without lifting devices many industrial activities cannot even be imagined. Today lifting systems engineering makes safe high level performance action possible, but there is another challenge to be won: how to interpret the product value concept from a strategic marketing point of view.


Stamperia Carcano SPA’s strategic corporate aim is to constantly increase the value of the products by continuously improving quality and competitiveness. The company places its customers and their needs and expectations at the core of the Carcano industrial project.

  1. Company policy

    Quality, Environment and Safety 

    With this document, the general management of Stamperia Carcano Giuseppe S.p.A. is establishing its ‘company policy’, especially as regards our business’s integrated management system for quality, environment and health/safety.

    The key points of this policy are:

    • confirmation and development of our ability to satisfy our customers
    • involvement and participation by the entire staff in creating an organisational process for the continued improvement of our products;
    • involvement of our collaborators and provision of training materials containing all information and reference materials necessary and appropriate for increasing customer satisfaction;
    • respect for workplace safety and the environment for internal and external third parties, in compliance with all applicable legislation
    • utilisation of a Quality Management System in accordance with UNI EN ISO Standard 9001 that includes a well-designed, transparent and documented structure for company procedures, to allow management to monitor our performance, to ensure continued improvement in our effectiveness and our fulfilment of the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers and all stakeholders;
    • utilisation of an environmental Management System in accordance with UNI EN ISO Standard 14001 that includes dedicated resources and a well-designed, transparent and documented structure for company procedures that may affect the environment, to implement environmental management processes to effectively monitor all aspects of the environment, to ensure our continued improvement and our satisfaction of the requirements, needs and expectations of all stakeholders;
    • utilisation of a health and safety Management System in accordance with UNI ISO 45001 that includes dedicated resources and a well-designed, transparent and documented structure for our company procedures related to company safety, to implement management processes for health and safety that we need to effectively monitor all aspects related to the health and safety of our workers, to ensure our continued improvement and our fulfilment of the requirements, needs and expectations of all our workers and stakeholders.

    With this company policy, Stamperia Carcano Giuseppe S.p.A. intends to present itself as a company that our customers and stakeholders, both external and internal, know they can trust for reliability and excellence.

    With respect to the quality we provide, we must believe that the term ‘quality’ means that we know we can be, for our customers, both a product leader and a partner in sharing success.

    With respect to the environment, this means that we know how to operate while complying with all applicable laws and improving our procedures so that we reduce our effect on the environment.

    With respect to the health and safety of our workers, this means knowing how to create and maintain a work environment that complies with safety standards and is appropriate for performing all required processes under suitable safety conditions.

    The observance of the terms of our integrated management system for quality, the environment and safety, is a guarantee for the improvement of our products and services, of the environmental and health/safety performance offered and provided by Stamperia Carcano Giuseppe S.p.A.

    The description of our company’s goals and responsibilities and the proper application of our integrated system for the management of quality, the environment and safety will contribute to creating safety, a sense of teamwork and awareness of the importance of the roles played by our staff, establishing a business climate that inspires all employees to pursue continued improvement.

    The Management

  2. Design

    Product research and development

  3. Production

    From the creation of the mould to forging

  4. Consultancy

    Technical skills in every sector

  5. Guarantee

    Product traceability and quality brands

Our vision of the future

The owners look at the future with optimism and passion for work. Thanks to their history and tradition made by ideas and people who left a sign, they are aware that carcano can become a more and more influential company at international level through entrepreneurial spirit and technical innovation.